AstroSound Audio Co., Ltd.

Over 45 yrs. of OEM/ODM Manufacturing Experience


Thank you for the opportunity to introduce our company.  We have been an OEM/ODM manufacturer and supplier for over 45 years.  Our

company was established in Taiwan, China in 1960, then under the name of Chua Tai Electronics Co., Ltd.


From 1960 to 1998, the factory was designing and manufacturing audio drivers for several name brand audio companies in North America

and European region.  Mr. Alex Wu decided to set-up the first presence in mainland China in 1998 that became officially named

AstroSound Co., Ltd.


We are located in Jiaxing City, 95 kms southwest from Shanghai. 



Categories of Products that we Design & Manufacture: 



Architectural Speakers:  In-Ceiling / In-Wall

Power Subwoofers

Outdoor Speaker Systems:  Satellite, Subwoofers (In-Ground & Hardscape style)

RV & Coach Speakers:  All types (In-Ceiling, Outside & Soundbars)

Marine Speakers & related accessories




Due to Confidentiality Agreements, we are showing only a representation of our manufacturing capabilities.     



                           Contact Information:


AstroSound Audio Co., Ltd.

3F, No.6 Building, No.501 Hongye Road

Xiuzhou District, Jiaxing City

Zhejiang Province China 314031


Alex Wu…..President

Amy Xu……General Manager

                                                     Don Rowland…..Director of OEM 843.995.9441
                                                     Dustin Rowland...OEM/ODM 843.907.3816


We welcome the opportunity to do business with your company!